Photograph of David Sherwood in the stairwell of the Nashotah House library.

The blogger in the library.

The Monkish Bookman is David Sherwood, Library Director/Associate Professor of Bibliography and Instructor in Ascetical Theology at Nashotah House Theological Seminary. For academic and professional details, please see this page on the Nashotah House website.  

Irregularly updated, this blog is a place to post my reflections, homily fragments, and other half-baked ideas.  If you need a finished, authoritative source of information, look elsewhere!  However, for those very few who might be interested in the foolishness that passes through the mind of an anglo-catholic librarian, welcome!

But why the Monkish Bookman (or theMB for short)?  Well, I’m a professional librarian, so the bookman part fits.  And I live, work, and teach at Nashotah House, a seminary whose common life is consciously modeled on that of Benedictine monasticism.  In the early days of Nashotah House, Bishop Jackson Kemper and James Lloyd Breck, two of our founders, had a brief tug-of-war about what Kemper called “monkish” practices such as the daily mass.  Although Breck obeyed the bishop and toned down his monastic aspirations for the newly founded seminary, the subsequent generation restored much of Breck’s original plan, and by 1890 the daily mass and many of the other catholic practices Breck advocated had been restored.  So, in being a bit “monkish,” I’m signalling my desire to live into the ideal that inspired Breck and that subsequent generations of Nashotah House faculty and students have continued to cherish.

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