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Hello, I'm the wife of a current Nashotah House MDiv student named Matthew Kemp. We just got married in May of 2010 and we are adventuring together through a new marriage, a new state, and a new way of living in the Nashotah House on-campus community. There are many wonderful things we are learning and experiencing and with that are some difficulties – but the more I live here the more I realize; what better place to sort all that out!? I currently work as a Preschool teacher in a school in the town of Nashotah in the mornings and as a librarian at the Nashotah House seminary library in the afternoons. I am an ex-city girl continually falling in love with the country. I often live vicariously through my husband as he shares class discussions and books he is reading being that I graduated with a Bachelors in Theology and have a love of Philosophy to boot. All in all I am a little crazy and a lot of happy to be here adventuring. Thank you for listening to my stories. -Alethea

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