The Changing Face of the Frontier Remains the Same

“In becoming an Irishman, Patrick wedded his world to theirs, his faith to their life…Patrick found a way of swimming down to the depths of the Irish psyche and warming and transforming Irish imagination – making it more humane and more noble while keeping it Irish.”
― Thomas Cahill, How the Irish Saved Civilization



Remembering Patrick, reconnecting people to their history and for whom they were made – to love God and to enjoy Him forever.


The mission field is indeed remote, marginalized, among the forgotten who suffer from real poverty, hunger and fear. However, often the mission field is even closer. We preach the Gospel daily to ourselves as we minister to our neighbors and offer them Jesus Christ, the hope that is our Salvation. Even when we’ve heard it before. It’s a familiar hope and we thank God for that.


This week Nashotah House welcomes prospective students, the men and women who have answered a call to ministry or are discerning a call. Over the weekend, they will worship at morning and evening prayer, enjoy lectures, have time of private reflection and prayer, and discuss with our students, faculty, and staff.


Let the peoples praise You, O God; Let all the peoples praise You.

Let the peoples praise You, O God; Let all the peoples praise You.

Offered each Spring and Fall, Experiencing Nashotah is the opportunity to taste and see what life is like at Nashotah House – its vibrant life and living tradition – a place that N.T. Wright referred to as a ‘jewel.’


Like Patrick, who answered the Lord’s call, seminarians and families at the House continue to be trained for the mission field. What was once called the ‘Frontier,’ hasn’t changed much. Although the appearance has changed over the last 142 years, the Frontier is now in the malls, the schools, the music, and even the Church herself, and in much more of our landscape both here and abroad.


Like Patrick, we do not know what lies ahead. The extraordinary hope and love of the Gospel continues to change lives and to set the world on fire. Cahill wrote, “That future may be germinating today not in a boardroom in London or an office in Washington or a bank in Tokyo, but in some antic outpost or other — a kindly British orphanage in the grim foothills of Peru … an easy-going French medical team at the starving edge of the Sahel, a mission to Somalia by Irish social workers who remember their own Great Hunger, a nursery program to assist convict-mothers at a New York Prison — in some unheralded corner where a great-hearted human being is committed to loving outcasts in an extraordinary way.” Or perhaps, next door.

Are you discerning a call for the priesthood or pastoral ministry? Consider our Fall Dates – November 6 and 7, 2014. Call 262-646-6500 for more information. We look forward to visiting with you and will continue to keep you in our prayers.



Rebecca Terhune, ’15




About nashotahhouse

Located in Nashotah, Wisconsin, Nashotah House Theological Seminary is the oldest institute of higher education in the state of Wisconsin. Founded in 1842 by a Missionary Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Nashotah House belongs to the Anglican tradition of worship, theology and spirituality. That is, Nashotah House traces her roots to the Church of England and locates herself within the worldwide Anglican Communion. Comprehending the fundamental disciplines of Holy Scripture, Theology, Church History, Spirituality and Pastoral Ministry, the curriculum at Nashotah House not only roots our students in the ancient wisdom of the Church, it prepares and empowers them to communicate the Gospel to the world today.