A Mishmash that Works

The bishop in Madeleine L’Engle’s novel A Severed Wasp (1982), perceives the Cathedral of St. John the Divine’s architecture, “The fact that the building started out Romanesque and got changed to Gothic in midstream doesn’t matter. Somehow the mishmash of architecture works.”

A New Year’s resolution is about good intentions. But where do we start? Often we begin by pulling up our proverbial bootstraps, but where does this get us? Or what if the boots don’t fit? Before making those resolutions, let us ask ourselves, what really is our spiritual condition — are we prone to wander or are we self-satisfied? Who is our foundation? Let’s remember the grace of God who alone is able to press us forward. And his grace has nothing to do with boots, needless to say bootstraps.

Perhaps resolution would be better termed ‘habit.’ We are to evaluate ourselves before the Lord, asking him, not ourselves, to show us what about us may be changed. If we have not yet given him our finances, our children, our spouses, our studies, let’s do so in the New Year.

Perhaps this year, we may begin one way, like the Cathedral, and end up another. And with the Lord’s grace and direction, the ‘mishmash’ will indeed work.

Press forward and God’s blessing be upon you.




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