Remembering the Reality of Reception — With a Bit of Adventure

Understanding the meaning of the liturgy involves being about the work of liturgy as well. Liturgy is action and one does ministry. Both involve a bit of adventure. Josh Radke noted to a group of us the other day that the OED definition of adventure is based on the Latin ‘adventurus, about to happen’ and ‘advenire, to arrive.’

“One cannot truly seek ‘adventure.’ Instead, adventure happens or is presented upon someone; it must be directly related to an urgent event ‘about to happen,’ a call arrives from outside one’s self to embark upon its task. For example, Gandalf presented Bilbo with an adventure concerning a matter of Dwarves of Erebor. The One Ring passing to Frodo presented an imposed adventure to destroy it and ultimately extended to the whole Fellowship, although Lord Elrond made sure no one was bound to the task beyond their vocation. Even the Pevensie children were called to adventure in Narnia through a wardrobe that would open, but not at their want.”


The focus of Advent and the Christian way begins at the Incarnation. The Eucharist restores us. Sometimes Christians can forget and worship may become parsimonious. We are not made simply to consume without action. Let us this season remember the reality of what we are receiving and accept the adventure.





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