Women of Nashotah House Hosts Annual Lenten Retreat

photo courtesy Margaret Danielson

The Women of Nashotah House (WoNH) recently attended their annual Lenten retreat. This year’s retreat hosted by WoNH at Christ Church in Sheboygin, Wisconsin, focused on marriages, both for the women attending but also for those women who will be ministering to marriages within parish life. The discussions led by Charlene Lammers, a marriage educator, focused on enriching relationships, and among the topics included: ‘Communication and Conflict Resolution’, ‘The Seven Stages of Marriage’, and ‘Life in a Fish Bowl.’

“I came away feeling very pleased and refreshed by the teaching and interactive conversations that we shared. It was a joy to listen and to share thoughts with all of the women who attended. Because each of us are in different stages of marriage, we were together able to learn from and encourage one another. Also, to catch a glimpse of what lies ahead in ministry was particularly helpful,” said Patti Sosnowski from South Carolina, whose husband John is a junior at Nashotah House.

The Conference, while seeking to assist and enrich those in marriage or ministering to marriages, there are several goals targeted by Friday and Saturday’s lessons: exploring strength and growth areas; strengthening communication skills; identifying and managing major stressors and discussing financial planning and budgeting, all while working to better understand and appreciate personality differences and family dynamics.

“It was fantastic to have uninterrupted time to get to know one another better and hear each other’s stories. I loved the speaker and was encouraged by hearing how the women of Nashotah navigate marriage and minister to married couples in our culture. Very challenging and thought provoking,” said Carrie Matlack from Alabama.

Charlene Lammers, who is on sabbatical from serving as Executive Director of Great Marriages in Sheboygan, will be on campus Saturday, April 20th, to lead a one day workshop on the relationship assessment tool “Prepare/Enrich.” This program is a leading inventory assessment used in premarital/marital counseling in many of our churches. This workshop will train you to become a certified facilitator. This would be a huge benefit to anyone who anticipates doing any sort of relationship counseling in their ministry, as this is considered the best of the best in the world of marriage counseling. Spouses are also encouraged to become certified.

Depending on interest, this class will be offered for one credit in April (regular tuition plus certification fees apply) or for certification only.






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