Ah, The Missioner

With its calm and laid-back character, heady reflections and great photos, Nashotah House’s The Missioner pays homage to the art of porch-sitting. Replete with fresh updates, shout outs, and reflections worth, well, reflecting on, The Missioner is a quarterly published magazine worth perusing. That’s right. The Midwest gem of a seminary that’s been forming leaders in the Anglican tradition since 1842 has a magazine for both the relevant hip and traditional.

Relevant hip/traditional? That’s not niche at all—if you’re stuck in the strip malls of the twentieth century. Catholicity, orthodoxy, and charismatic faith in the one triune God are treasured by Nashotah House students and faculty. And it’s far from boring. Apart from great food for thought, The Missioner is also a tiny glimpse into the Nashotah life of discipline and service. And now you can flip through it online, for free. It’ll make your morning cup of coffee taste so much better. Just click here.


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Tyler Blanski (tylerblanski.com) is a housepainter, author and musician who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is 29 years old, and dedicated to discovering Christ’s activity in our lives—whether it’s our relationships, our imaginations, or our jobs. He wants to help build God’s Kingdom, brick by brick. He is the author of "Mud & Poetry: Love, Sex, and the Sacred" (Upper Room Books, 2010). Zondervan just published his new book "When Donkeys Talk," a holy pilgrimage into an Anglican understanding of the sacraments. He blogs at: www.holyrenaissance.com