Evensong at the Cathedral of All Saints

Nashotah House Theological Seminary and the Cathedral Church of All Saints joined forces on March 11, 2012, for an evening of worship and prayer in a fashion so old it’s hip again—“Evensong.” It’s a service to wrap up a long day, full of prayers, psalms, and canticles. The evening was a warm reminder of the longstanding relationship between Nashotah and All Saints, and a unique opportunity to join in one Lenten chorus.

Over 400 guests rubbed elbows as Nashotah’s Chapel Choir and All Saints’ choir sang canticles with gusto and chanted Psalms 132 and 42. It was good to be back at the Cathedral Church of All Saints, a bright and stalwart place perched high on Milwaukee’s East Juneau Street. After a warm organ prelude, the choirs led the gathering in Evensong.

As the sun set through the stained glass windows, Wisconsin folk could enjoy the historic intonations of Benedictus, the Magnificat, and the Nunc Dimittis. After the sounds of the Lord’s Prayer and Suffrages (“O Lord, show thy mercy upon us; and grant us they salvation”), a Collect for Peace and a Prayer for Mission, the evening drew to a close with prayers of thanksgiving. The congregation came together for a heartfelt singing of the classic hymn, Love Unknown.

Nashotah would like to thank All Saints for such a long and abiding friendship, and especially for a blessed evening of worship.


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Tyler Blanski (tylerblanski.com) is a housepainter, author and musician who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is 29 years old, and dedicated to discovering Christ’s activity in our lives—whether it’s our relationships, our imaginations, or our jobs. He wants to help build God’s Kingdom, brick by brick. He is the author of "Mud & Poetry: Love, Sex, and the Sacred" (Upper Room Books, 2010). Zondervan just published his new book "When Donkeys Talk," a holy pilgrimage into an Anglican understanding of the sacraments. He blogs at: www.holyrenaissance.com