This morning…


As I knelt this morning, and I listened to the choir of angels and bodiless spirits, the gentle voice of November rain, and the slow, sacred melody of the God-clothed man before us (who was busy collapsing time and space and eternity over a simple table set with bread and wine)—

I pressed my face against the window, where the Virgin Mary stood outside, clothed in light, presenting her youthful Son delicately (holding him, but not possessing him) while two angels timelessly attended, ministers of Passion and Incarnation—

I inhaled deeply and I smelled the wooden frame, seeped in a hundred years of incense and the weight of myriad prayers, and I wondered, and I choked, “This is…” but then I ran out of words, and sank back into the silent storm of embodied ecstasy.



About nathaniel

I graduated from Colorado College in December of 2006 with a degree in the Classics. I married the beautiful Sarah Switzer (now Sarah Kidd) on New Year's Eve 2007. I spent a year as the Physics Paraprof at CC and a Tutor. Then we renounced the world and went on pilgrimage in India and Pakistan. After returning to the States, I enrolled in seminary at Nashotah House, where I have completed two years of formation for life and ministry in an insane world. While holding lightly to our plans, we are anticipating that the next stage on our journey will be more schooling. I'm looking toward the study of Patristics and/or Liturgics. I have some concerns about being abducted into the academic stratosphere, but hope that these may be mitigated by consciously maintaining our connection to the life, worship and ministry of the Church.