Summer at Nashotah

Everyone has been commenting on how quiet it is here, now that summer has come and so many have moved on to the next place, or are elsewhere fulfilling clinical or internship requirements. It is quiet. Some say it’s lonely. But I think that this is the time of Nashotah’s sabbath. This is when the campus gets to rest. After the flurry of activity that happens at the end of the school year, the campus almost seems to sigh a little sigh of relief. It is bittersweet, of course, but the quiet almost seems necessary.

The sabbath, as commanded in Exodus, is a time of solemn rest –  holy to the LORD (Ex. 16:23). The commandments tell us to “Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy” (Ex. 20:8). Keeping the sabbath keeps it holy. Even the land gets a sabbath rest every seventh year (Lev. 25:3-7). Nashotah’s sabbath may help keep it as a holy place, a place of prayer.

This summer sabbath should be a time of reflection, a time of prayer, a time of peace. Let all of us who are here keep this sabbath and reflect on how far we have come and how far we have to go. Let us use this quiet time to pray for that peace which passes all understanding. And let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts (Col 3:15), so that when this summer sabbath is over, we can greet with true joy and love all those who will be with us next year.


About jill

Jill is a seminary student at Nashotah House. She lives at The House with her husband, and should graduate in May 2012.